If you are a tipster you should be proofing your bets to the Horse Racing Mail

Tipster Proofing Service

Proofing - If you want to add credibility to your horse racing tipster service and build trust with your clients, it is vital that you proof your bets prior to the race.

The Horse Racing Mail proofing service is FREE & easy to use.

By proofing your bets to the Horse Racing Mail prior to the race, your clients will know that you are offering a genuine service.

To proof your bets please follow the instructions below carefully:

1) You must first place the following text on the home page of your website;

All our bets are proofed in advance to the Horse Racing Mail at www.The-Horse-Racing-Mail.com

2) You must also place a link to us on your links page, or on a relevant page on your website. The link should read as follows;

http://www. The-Horse-Racing-Mail.com The fun & informative UK horse racing site that you'll want to visit again and again!

3) To proof your bets to us just go to the home page of our website, click on the Contact Us button near the bottom of the nav bar, and use the Contact Us form to proof your bets. Important -
Proofing will ONLY be accepted via our Contact Us form.

3) All bets must be proofed to us in advance of the race concerned, and timing will be logged by us to ensure the integrity of advices.

Start proofing your bets to us from your next bet and you will greatly improve the credibility and integrity of your service with your clients.

If you have any questions prior to proofing for the first time, please use the Contact Us form.