Our Secret! Shhhh!
It's Sitesell

Want to know how to build a website like ours with no technical knowledge whatsoever? - Sitesell was the answer for us!

We knew right from the outset that we wanted to build a website that offered the horse racing enthusiast a very useful and interesting site to come to. The only problem was that we had absolutely no knowledge of html code or any of the other techy-type stuff needed to get on with the job!

So how to go about building a website when you haven't got a clue how to start?

We didn't want to have to pay a web designer hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds. Besides, we wanted to have complete control of the site ourselves, without having to continually go back to a web designer every time we wanted to add things or make changes to the site. Again, that would cost us more money every time we wanted to make a change or add new information.

We needed to find some kind of software designed for a complete dummy! Did such a thing exist?

After a lot (and I mean a lot!) of research, we found the Sitesell website, and in particular their complete package called 'Site Build It!' The Sitesell site was a long read, but we devoured every word!

The folks at Sitesell were people who had designed exactly what we needed. The real life examples they gave were about 'MAN IN THE STREET' type people just like ourselves, i.e. complete novices. But these stories showed how superbly well they were doing with some great websites that they had built themselves from scratch.

This was the only Web hosting system of tools that we could find that actually PROVED a track record of success.

It offered absolutely EVERYTHING we needed to get started! It was an exciting discovery, I can tell you, and it's just got even more exciting for us since.

The Horse Racing Mail website is now doing extremely well and we are adding new things all the time - AND, we're doing it all ourselves! Sometimes I have to pinch myself at how simple it has all been.

If you have an idea for a website, but have always thought you couldn't join the hoards of people who have quit the 'Rat-Race', because you thought you couldn't build a website.....

.....THINK AGAIN! Because now YOU CAN!!!

We have absolutely zero hesitation in recommending Site Build It! to our readers, and here's why.............

Because we now know for certain (having done it) that ANYONE who has an interest, hobby or passion can now convert that into a fulfilling outlet that can generate "quit your day job" money!

We now simply can't, and don't want to, imagine a 9 to 5 life.

If you want your own website, we know that 'Site Build It!' can help those of you who feel the same.

We wish you every success!

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