Racehorse ownership

Racehorse ownership.

Racehorse ownership

The great thing about owning a racehorse is that you neednít be a millionaire to join the club. You can commit to exactly what you can afford whether it means being a sole owner, or involved in a multiple partnership, a company ownership scheme or leasing a horse.

Owning a racehorse is no longer reserved for the elite and it has never been easier to get involved in the action, whether alone or with a group of friends. Racehorses can be bought at any age, whether as foals, yearlings or as a horse that has already been racing. They can be bought at auction sales, at the racecourse, or directly from trainers. Horse sales take place throughout the year, offering different aged horses depending on the season.

There is a line of thought that you have to spend thousands of pounds on a racehorse to ensure success but there are many cases when this is simply not the case. The legendary Istabraq cost just 38,000 guineas (1 Guinea = £1.05) and earned £1,037,090 and Cheltenham Gold Cup winner See More Business cost just 5,600 guineas, but won £635,805 in prize money.

If you are new to the business of racehorse ownership, it is therefore important for an expert to help you purchase the right animal. You can either use the services of a bloodstock agent, who will take a commission on the price of the horse; or ask a trainer to help you, where the understanding will usually be that the horse goes into training at that yard, after purchase. A full list of trainers can be found in the Ownership section.

Potential owners can choose how far they want to go when becoming involved in racehorse ownership; from going to the sales to choose your own horse and experiencing the thrill of bidding for it, to visiting the training yard to see your horse at work. As an owner, you will also need to choose a name for the horse and your own personal colours, which the jockey will wear when riding your horse.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is actually going to the racecourse to see your horse run, and partaking in the hospitality offered to you as an owner. Racecourses look after owners well, with complimentary badges for owners with runners, as well as a special Owners and Trainers area.

With a bit of luck, you will also experience the thrill of your own horse crossing the finishing line in front, stand in the Winnerís Enclosure after the race and collect your trophy from the sponsors on the podium.

(Article courtesy of the British Horseracing Board.)

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