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Before you do anything on the betting exchanges, the best advice has to be to learn, in laymans language, just how to go about things the way the professionals do!

Raj Patel has written a book entitled 'Losers Into Winners' in which he reveals the secrets to his success at beating the bookies. Along with the book you receive 4 weeks worth of Raj's selections as well as an unconditional 12 month full refund.

Raj was kind enough to supply us a copy to review for our readers:

The Horse Racing Mail Review of Losers Into Winners - The true secrets to racing profits!

The betting world in the UK has undergone a revolution in recent years with the advent of Internet betting exchanges that offer an alternative to the traditional bookmaker.

Now you can take the role of the bookie and offer your own odds against other punters. Instead of the bookmaker winning when the favourite comes in second or third, YOU can now be the one that collects the punters' money into your bank account, just as bookies have from you in the past.

Of course, if the horse you have "layed" wins, then you will have to pay out to the winning punter. Depending on the odds you have offered you may have to pay out a sum larger than your stake.

It is obvious that if you are going to start laying bets against horses to win then you need to have a good method for assessing which are the most likely to lose, whilst still being at prices which keep your risks low.

This is where a new book from professional gambler Raj Patel comes in. "Losers into Winners" describes in detail the method that Raj has used with great success to bring in the profits from the betting exchanges. The method is based upon an analysis of the races to identify the favourites and well fancied horses which are least likely to win, and are probably running on inflated reputations. These are the horses that Raj lays to lose. And he does it VERY sucessfully!

Raj's rationale for concentrating on lay bets is based on the idea that it is far easier to pick a loser than to pick a winner because the rest of the field is running for you! If you can combine that with a method for minimising your risk on losing bets then you have a winning strategy!

The book describes, with many real life examples, how to assess the top few runners in the race to see if the favourite really does stand out from the crowd, or if any one of a number of horses could realistically win.

Raj's method does not require in-depth analysis of form and it seems, with a little practice, your could select a few likely prospects to lay quite quickly.

So does it work? Well the author and publisher seem so confident they have gone to great lengths to let you try for yourself with absolutely no risk!

Firstly the book comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. If you should decide, after reading, that this method is not for you then you can ask for a return of your purchase price and they promise to return it within twenty four hours.

Secondly, for four full weeks, Raj will send you, every day by Email, his personal selections of suggested horses to lay. You can compare these with your own choices and just paper trade until you are convinced that it works or you can jump right in and start laying and making those profits from day one!

You can see the recent results of these daily tips and also sign up to receive a FREE four part introduction to the method at the author's web site.
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